Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sir Roger Bannister

Heavy thunderstorms struck us this morning but it's been drying up now. I'm still reeling over the Blackhawks loss last night. They looked simply awful losing 4-0. They play game 4 on friday.

The stock market is still in a jittery state. A lot of people are moving cash into bonds. Buying bonds is an excellent avenue to retirement. As long as you can wait until you're 140!

I tried watching Laura Ingraham on television last night but couldn't make it for 5 minutes. Not because of anything she says but because of her bizarre demeanor when she speaks. It always looks like she's sitting on a toilet dropping a deuce with her pained facial expressions. Any college freshman in a speech class could give a better presentation and look more professional.

Jimmy Ellis passed away this week. He was the WBA World Heavyweight Champion in boxing from 1968-70. He was a Louisville contemporary of Muhammad Ali.

Yesterday was the 60th anniversary of Sir Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile. He did it on an old fashioned cinder track. In college, I ran the metric equivalent of a 4:08 mile on a state of the art Chevron track. In addition to becoming a British Knight, he also went on to have a stellar career as a world famous neurologist. A humble man, Sir Roger is still alive and doing great.

We found the source of our squirrel problems. They have been tearing apart our grass for a year now. It turns out our whacky neighbor behind us is feeding them nuts like they are a pack of elephants. They stash them in our new sod and dig them up later creating a mess.

Many of our friends have offered varied solutions. Just shoot them! Just poison them! Use a blow dart gun which is about the only item I don't have in my closet. Too many squirrels to finish them all. Besides, I still like them better than my neighbor!


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