Sunday, May 25, 2014

Indy 500 Time

It's mid 70's with nothing but sunshine. Woke up around 8ish and headed to Home Depot for some mulch then to the grocery store for some grilling food!

The Blackhawks just couldn't  get their act together and hold onto a lead last night losing 4-2. Slash played the national anthem before the game then it was downhill after that. The defense needs to step up in game 4 or it's big time trouble.

Barry Gibb is back on tour after a very long absence. The last surviving member of the Bee Gees decided to give music a go again. He certainly doesn't need the money after selling over 40 million records in his lifetime. He'll be playing in Chicago on May 27th.

It's Indianapolis 500 time again as it is every Memorial Day weekend. Over 300,000 people attend the race every year. My grandfather flew his plane over from Illinois to watch the race himself a few times back in the day. Thirty three drivers will compete in the 200 lap race for fortune and fame. The defending champion, Tony Kanaan will be starting in the 16th position this year. A safe and fat race to all!

I'm gonna run now. I'm moving my woodpile then doing some grilling. After that a quick shower and down to Water Street for happy hour. Stay safe!


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