Monday, May 26, 2014

Turkey Pit Dilemma

It's a glorious day. Sunny, a little humid but considering we saw the last snow flurries a mere 45 days ago I'm not complaining. Happy Memorial Day to all the veterans past and present as you are always remembered.

We had a lovely breakfast this morning. Then krissy had me watch an episode of 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.' I'm not sure how I get that hour of my life back. A truly terrible show with worthless people for the most part.

After breakfast we headed to the Exclusive Company as they had a half price sale on almost everything and we bought some pre-owned cd's. It's truly an old fashioned record store complete with albums and all. Few still exist these days. We picked up 6 cd's for 13 bucks. I finally replaced my 'Feeding Frenzy' cd by Jimmy Buffett. Listening to it on the deck as I write.

We also picked up a gallon of stain for the back deck. We'll get that applied next weekend weather cooperating of course.

Last night we had an excellent steak on the grill. After that we headed to the Nomad for cocktails then over to Jamos. We met a Milwaukee native Craig, who lived in the Keys for quite a while before moving back here. An excellent storyteller. We spent a couple hours talking to Craig and I'm sure we'll run into him again. He works at our favorite lunch place, Barnacle Bud's on the river. Thanks for the entertainment last night amigo.

Congrats to Indy 500 winner Ryan Hunter-Reay. I caught a glimpse of him drinking the traditional milk last night on ESPN.

Big game for the Blackhawks tonight. They need to play some tough defense to tie this up and bring it back to Chicago.

I'm considering adding a turkey to our menu for our Brady Street Days party in July. Not just a turkey, but a pit cooked turkey. I'm still doing some research but it requires digging a decent size hole in the yard. I think I want to give it a shot but shish kabobs will remain the true staple of the meal. I shall ponder it over for a few more weeks before I decide.


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