Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fabien Cousteau

Oh what a game last night! With ten minutes left the Blackhawks were down by a goal with the Kings playing tough. Yet they tied it up and scored the go ahead goal late in the game. The series finale is sunday night and the winner moves on to the Stanley Cup Finals to face the New York Rangers.

Another nice day in Milwaukee although it's a bit chilly in the shade. I woke up early to go grocery shopping then finished cutting the rest of the wood. Now, I just need a chiminea or fire pit. Krissy's sister Jen is over this afternoon. She made some awesome Pina Colada's. It's getting close to grilling time. It's a meat lovers dream as I picked up some pork chops, chicken and two different kinds of sausages.

My Cubs are in town to play the Brewers this weekend. They received a pretty good clocking last night but they are up 7-0 in this afternoon's matinee game.

Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau is attempting to break his grandfather's record for the longest stay underwater. Starting sunday, Fabien will dive 60 feet to live in an underwater laboratory called Aquarius. It's the last undersea laboratory in operation. It's located in the Florida Keys not far from Key Largo. He will be studying the coral reefs and fish behavior. See you in July Fabien!


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