Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Bolt Cutter Saturday

A busy day of doing not much. Steve and Holly just got here and Steve walked in with bolt cutters. Steve took care of my rusted padlock in about 3 seconds. What's sad is that the content value in that outside lock box is maybe 15 bucks. I'll just leave it unlocked from now on.

Grocery store shopping this morning tested my patience, It took the guy checking out ahead of us ten minutes to pack his 3 bags. He needed them just right apparently. Earlier he was heard bitching about the lettuce content. I just kept staring at him but he never looked over at me. The wrath of Todd kept him at bay.

Still no Jimmy Buffett announcement. I'm guessing by Wednesday so keeping our fingers crossed.

The Cubs won in 11 innings today. I've got a good feeling and it's only April.

I'm sure I will be posing plenty of photos tomorrow. It's cocktail hour while we wait for everyone at our house. Oh look, a Red Stripe with my name on it!


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