Friday, April 17, 2015

Calm Before The Storm

I'm not sure if I'm talking about the calm before the NBA playoffs tomorrow or the fact that house cleaning for company will be hectic tomorrow. Probably the later.

I called for a oil change appointment today. None necessary, just come in this afternoon. So, we went to lunch at Chancery then headed over to get the oil changed.  Can't fit us in, too busy. Really, two hours later and all of a sudden it's a rush. Or, nobody wants to work on a sunny Friday afternoon. That's fine, just don't tell me to come in then asshole. My Yelp review has been duly noted and I'm not one to complain much as I set such a low bar.

Krissy is out riding her motorcycle today. I 'm hoping to post some photos tomorrow.

Krissy worked a half day as she attended a seminar. When she came home and took off her coat I noticed an extremely long price tag hanging halfway down her back just dangling off her shirt. Someone had to notice that tag. Next time say something people! Enjoy your Friday night.


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