Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Uber Comes To Key West

I've heard that Uber has come to Key West. They have a whopping three drivers. I'm actually kind of surprised. It's an 8 square mile island, most people just walk or bike everywhere with parking being so tough. We took a bike cab there one year due to Krissy's broken foot. Make sure to ask how much first!

A big welcome to India as they become the 34th country to visit the blog. Thank you so much!

Some interesting observations from Baltimore. I saw a clip of a mother spotting her son in the crowd and she started smacking him around while walking him back home. Kudos to her.

I saw another man watching some buildings burn next to a news crew. He was wearing a build Baltimore t-shirt innocently enough.

The Orioles-White Sox game was cancelled yet again today. They will play in an empty stadium tomorrow at Camden Yards. No members of the public will be allowed in. So sad.

The Bulls played like a bunch of turds last night. Game 6 will be in Milwaukee Thursday night and it will be nuts again. It's also NFL draft night for the first round.

Krissy is in the midst of planning a camping weekend built around the Jimmy Buffett concert at Alpine Valley in August. They have a fish fry on Friday night and a bus to the concert on Saturday. The campground has a bar and restaurant on site. This has the makings of the best Buffett concert yet!


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