Monday, April 13, 2015

It's Track Time

What a beautiful day. Coco has his first track practice tomorrow morning and I'm the assistant coach. It starts at 6:30 and I'm looking so forward to getting up even earlier than that. Little man was riding his scooter and took it upon himself to go to Walgreens without telling me for Skittles. He's mature now he says. I said he's 11 and there's too many whackos who hangout there at night. He said he only saw hippies so he felt safe. A valid argument regarding the safe part, I kinda guess.

Back to the world's problems, or more importantly my summer problem. Still no Jimmy Buffett announcement for Alpine Valley. After 27 years he isn't going to Indianapolis this year. The rumor mill has it something to do with the recent silly Indiana law that was passed. I hope that isn't the case as we have enough silly politics in Wisconsin to send every band packing. There's no shortage of stupid anywhere it seems lately.

Hall and Oates is on my summer radar. They will be in Madison on July 30th for a concert.

Both the Cubs and the Bulls are winning as I write. The hockey playoffs start wednesday. Patrick Kane might be healthy and available earlier than predicted. They should win the first round either way so hopefully they don't rush him. I'm looking forward to watching the games at Jack's Pub but will probably hold off until the second round. A guy has to pace himself these days!


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