Saturday, April 25, 2015

Downtown Madness

A lot of fans starting early for the playoff game this afternoon and downtown was pure nuts. Unfortunately for Bulls fans like myself the Bucks won on a last second shot. It goes back to Chicago for the fifth game.

The Blackhawks just started and hopefully they will close out their series tonight. I definitely don't want a game 7 as they lead the series 3-2.

Last night was fun as Krissy's workplace had a happy hour at Who's On Third. It was their first year anniversary and they had a free buffet with their legendary wings!

Grocery shopping this morning as we slept in late. Summerfest will be in full swing two months from now. It won't get here soon enough as we're still in the 30's with some brutal wind chill for this time of year.

There's a new show coming on cable which is all the buzz. It's called Fuller House with most of the same cast as Full House. Coco loves that show so it should be interesting.

I'm gonna make some popcorn now. There's a hockey game to watch. Go Hawks!


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