Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NHL Playoff Time

The Blackhawks take on Nashville tonight in playoff hockey and Patrick Kane will be in the lineup. He's been out since February with a broken collarbone from a cheap shot or he very well might have ended up with the MVP award this season. He on top of the leader boards in every statistical category at the time.

I started researching some likely Kentucky Derby horses and trainer Bob Baffert has two gems that might take first place. Last year I was way off in my predictions so I've vowed to do better this year!

I picked Coco up from school and we went to the park to do some sprint pickups. His calf tightened up on the second one. He has race horse legs which isn't a good thing when things keep hurting. We have some heat rub and sweat pants on hoping to loosen it up some.

We have friends coming over saturday night. That means house cleaning to the max as Krissy gets a little neurotic when guests come over. Oh well.

Tennessee has voted to make the Bible the official state book. So nice to trivialize it along with the state tree and state bird. I guess the separation of church and state is just a suggestion down there.

I found one more reason not to get a face tattoo. A North Carolina shooting suspect was found asleep on a Florida beach because he couldn't go into town or out in public due to his very distinct face tattoo.  I saw a photo, trust me, Dog the Bounty Hunter wasn't needed to track this clown down!


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