Tuesday, April 21, 2015

An Irish Wake

I was listening to the Score this morning which is a Chicago sports radio station. In fact, they were the ones that really started sports radio. It's the same station that employed Bear Legend Doug Buffone who passed away yesterday. Sports figures and people who knew Doug called in to tell a lifetime of stories about the man. They did the same thing when Harry Caray passed away. It's a wonderful way to remember someone. Gotta love those Irish!

The Bulls won last night behind a big game from Jimmy Butler. Put a cork in it, the Bulls will sweep this series I predict. The next game is in Milwaukee on Thursday night. The Blackhawks are back at it tomorrow night.

The Cubs won a big game last night. So what do they do? They bring up Addison Russell to play second base. He's highly touted but I didn't expect to see him until July at the earliest if at all this season. He's only 21 years old. They are going all in this year!

My book is a work in progress still. The final re-write is slow going as I hem and haw over every single paragraph. I'll keep plugging away a bit every day and forget about a hard deadline.

Tim Tebow is making a comeback with the Eagles. The guy is a great athlete but a crappy quarterback. I wish he would concentrate on another position and truly help a team.

Track practice this morning with Coco. Despite the bitter cold he really went after it and had a great workout. I'm loving the moxie!


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