Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It's A Hot Chocolate Night

It's winter like cold out so we made hot chocolate tonight. The forecast seems good though so maybe this is it for the damp thirty degree days.

The Cubs won today on a chilly day at Wrigley Field but the Bulls lost despite the return of Derrick Rose. Time will tell on both of these teams.

It was a big day for Milwaukee as they unveiled a 1 Billion dollar entertainment district for the city which included a 500 million dollar new basketball arena. I will be surprised if the State Legislature will let this happen as they really despise Milwaukee. They're a bunch of clowns who won't be happy until everyone is working on the old minimum wage standard as they receive kickbacks from the state's old industrialist crowd.

It was 87 years ago that Ernest Hemingway stopped in Key West for a few days to take delivery of an automobile. The vehicle arrived later than expected and Hemingway ended up staying on the island for ten years. His home is now a museum and is a must see on any Key West visit.

Stay warm!


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