Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Mega Showers

It rained most of the night and most of the morning. The parkway in front of our house has standing water and water is backing up from the curb drainage as they never sweep up the leaves in the fall. They brought a big suction truck and sucked out the leaves two days ago. However, they left they wet leave piles five feet from the curb and it ran back into the drains. Pure genius and I wonder why people are always bashing the government then I see something like that.

Coco is on spring break still and we went for a hill workout during a brief respite from the rain. He's improving every time out so I'm anxious to see what he does on May 8th at the conference meet.

Neil Diamond is in town tonight. I've seen him twice a long time ago and he really puts on a good show.

Bob Schieffer is retiring from CBS News at the age of 78 with around 50 years of service. He flies under the radar because he isn't flashy and just tells the truth like he sees it. I'm sure he would have rather starved to death than ever work for the clown circus at Fox!

One out of three games has been cancelled already at Wrigley Field. I say the same thing the first week of April every single damn year. Why do they schedule baseball the first two weeks in northern cities? Half the games get cancelled and the crowd nor the players find it entertaining in 30 some odd degree weather sitting next to one of the Great Lakes. Who makes that decision every year? Probably the same guy sucking up the leaves and letting them get washed back down the drain!


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