Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Chicago Draft

Buckingham Fountain changes colors for every NFL city and the draft appears to be a big success so far in Chicago. No huge surprises so far in the first round except for maybe Leonard Williams going number 6 to the Jets who didn't really need another defensive lineman. He would have looked good in a Bears uniform but I was happy with wide receiver Kevin White.

The Bulls creamed the Bucks by 54 points to win their first round series. That's not a typo, they came to play today!

Downtown traffic was a mess before the game. Milwaukee had peaceful protests. It backed up traffic but peaceful it was.

Forty years ago today was the fall of Saigon. I think everybody has seen the clip of an American helicopter being pushed off the side of a ship so nobody else could use it.

It looks like 70's coming this weekend. The bamboo is out and we'll attach it to the metal fence. Krissy is busy picking out colors for the front steps and rail.

Speaking of the NFL Draft. It was fifty years ago that the best single team draft took place. With the 3rd pick the Bears took Dick Butkus and with the 4th pick they took Gayle Sayers. Both ended up in the Hall of Fame. We might never see that ever happen again!


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