Monday, April 20, 2015

RIP Doug Buffone

I was having such a good afternoon until I heard that Chicago Bears legend Doug Buffone passed away this afternoon. He and Dick Butkus put a bruising on many a running backs in the 1960's. Doug was involved in radio broadcasting and nightclubs after his retirement. He was also a good friend of a fellow Italian named Frank Sinatra who he hit the town with whenever Sinatra was in Chicago. His radio shows were classic and he lived for the Orange and Blue. He was offered several coaching jobs after retirement but he never took any of the offers. Personally, I think being that close to the game after he retired was just too painful. Deep down, he'd always want to be on the field throwing his body around. Some guys miss the action forever and Doug was one of those guys. He will be missed!

Jimmy Buffett is coming to Alpine Valley on August 22nd as expected. It put me in such a good mood until I heard of Doug's passing. Anyway, camping arrangements are being made and texts are being exchanged. The event of the summer will be legendary!

Another Boston Marathon took place today. The winning time was just over 2 hours and 9 minutes. The whole town comes out for this yearly tradition. I've had many a friends run this marathon over the years and it's always been their favorite race.

Summerfest announces 2 more headliners which just leaves 2 more time slots. Stevie Wonder appears June 27th and Neil Young closes the festival out on July 5th.

It's game 2 of the Bulls-Bucks series tonight in Chicago. If the Bulls play as hard as Doug Buffone did they should win easily!


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