Monday, April 27, 2015

Baltimore Burns

It's such a sad day watching the riots in Baltimore. The city officials seemed almost lackadaisical until the turmoil became really bad. Once night time sets in it could get much worse. A CVS store was burning badly and they didn't do anything to warrant that. 

The Bulls are trailing by 6 at the end of the third quarter. Not playing well with so many turnovers but I'm still holding out hope.

Still toiling around in the 40's. I did see a brave soul in a sailboat yesterday. He was the only one out there.

Mt. Everest is a mess with the earthquakes several base camps were destroyed and climbers stranded. It looks like it will be unstable for a while yet.

Coco suffered a small ankle sprain somehow at school. There's no limit on stupid crap that 11 year old boys do to inadvertently hurt each other trying to be funny.

On a bright note, I did grill tonight. A beef tenderloin and chicken breast and it was great. Peace!


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