Friday, April 24, 2015

Air Battle In Key West

The air battle is part of the Conch Republic Celebration without actual weapons. They will drop toilet paper rolls and throw bread throw. We were there two years ago for it and the Celebration is a lot of fun. It stems from the brief Key West secession in 1982 and calling themselves the Conch Republic. They were protesting the road blocks out of Key West stemming from the Cubans flooding into Florida and hurting tourism. It worked as the Feds stopped the road blocks!

The Bulls won a big road playoff game in Milwaukee last night. It took overtime but they did it overcoming an 18 point deficit. I see the series ending tomorrow afternoon.

Krissy and I had lunch at Mazos on the Southside today. It's a burger joint that's been around since 1934. Burgers and shakes you can't beat that.

Then we stopped at a huge 3 level antique store. It's in a massive old warehouse. Great stuff! Krissy wouldn't let me buy a wooden beer shoe or a 1971 Jim Beam California bartender of the year award. I'm not sure why? Also, a lot of great old photos in frames ranging from 100 plus years old. A lot of them. They were all somebody's family members, It bugged me to see so many of them.

 It seems like 20 years after someone dies they become irrelevant or forgotten. Unless you're a dead President but even some of those are forgotten. James Polk is buried in downtown Nashville in a small lonely unkept grave.  For historians like myself we try to remember those who came before us. Always write down as much information on the back of a photograph for future generations. Of course, that's tough to do on internet photographs now!


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