Saturday, January 17, 2015

Anybody Lose A Winchester Rifle

Jimmy Buffett is in Hawaii filming his third reprisal of helicopter pilot Frank Bama. It was also a characters name in his wonderful book, Where Is Joe Merchant.

We just missed hitting 40 again today. I'll take that any day in January.

The requirements for going to Cuba is now basically an honor system. You have to fit into one of twelve categories to visit Cuba. However, there's no paperwork to fill out anymore so it's more of a wink, smile and shoulder shrug. They can even accept American credit cards now. The hard part is finding flights as the one from Key West quit running. It's only a matter of time before that is rectified!

I love a good mystery and the people in Eastern Nevada have a good one. They found a 1882 Winchester rifle leaning against a tree in a very remote area. It was rusted and the handle was cracked but the serial number was still visible. So far they have come up with only one possibility. Someone set it down there and either forgot it or became lost. The rifle was expensive in those days, about fifty bucks. They think it's likely that the rifle was leaning against that tree for over a 100 years. If true, that's truly incredible!


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