Friday, January 23, 2015

Three Stooges Visit Cairo

Judging by the damage to the King Tut funeral mask the restoration project could only have been done by Moe, Larry and Curly. Apparently the beard fell off the 3300 year old mask somehow. Instead of having it properly restored they used some epoxy and now there's a gap of yellow glue between the mask and the beard. They scratched it badly trying to scrape off the epoxy. The epoxy is permanently bonded and experts say it can't be fixed. It's such a tourist attraction at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo that they didn't really want to keep it off display. Please keep these clowns away from the Mona Lisa!

SkyMall filed for bankruptcy today. I love their magazines and all the unique pricey stuff they carry. Come to think of it, I never once bought any of that unique pricey stuff.

Another day that I didn't have to button my coat. It's been like two weeks since I've worn a hat. I could manage winters like this every year.

I took a couple more picks of the construction project at 833 E. Michigan Avenue. I took a couple pics of the crane moving a large tractor like a piece of popcorn. Unfortunately I couldn't get my camera phone out quick enough for the moving port-a-potties. Maybe another time.

Getting ready for Boswell Books as I have a coupon I want to use. Then dinner at Tess. Be safe tonight!

Flying Tractor
Look At That Crane

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