Monday, January 26, 2015

East Coast Blues

It looks like the east coast is going to get hammered with a huge blizzard. We had a bit of flurries here this afternoon to make it messy but nothing like the possible 3 feet they might get. Many flights cancelled already.

The Sundance Film Festival is this week. Normally, I have no desire to visit a snow filled city but I would like to go to this festival someday. Robert Redford has been the big promoter of this event and it looks like a lot of fun.

I've been making steady progress on my book. It's still a work in progress but the first draft is coming along fairly well this last week.

Krissy is making a beef tenderloin for dinner that smells delicious. She needed a bit of red wine for the recipe so naturally we're drinking the leftover residual that the recipe didn't require. Not a bad monday!


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