Sunday, January 18, 2015

Belle Isle

We saw a really good movie last night in Magic of Belle Isle. It starred Morgan Freeman and Virginia Madsen with Rob Reiner directing. I never heard of it before. Coco actually picked it out from our new Roku toy.

I forgot to recap friday night. We had tacos at BelAir then stopped for one at Wolski's. We were on our way home when we stopped in the Standard for one more which turned into 3 hours I believe.

It was a gorgeous winter day with temps over 40 again. I started out with laundry this morning. My sock drawer is jammed once again full of the socks that I truly hate. 

Then off to the premiere event, a football party for the NFL Championship game. For 56 minutes the Packers manhandled the Seahawks. Yet, somehow lost the game in overtime. I've never seen a house clear out that fast. The streets were nearly empty on the drive home.

Truly a baffling loss. Russell Wilson threw 4 interceptions and played terrible until overtime. I missed the final play as I was in the bathroom!

At Wolski's
Ben and Malea
Steve At The Standard

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