Thursday, January 29, 2015

First Headliner At Summerfest

Keith Urban was announced as a headliner for this Summerfest 2015. People are predicting a very warm summer based on our warm winter. Last year it stayed cool by Lake Michigan because it took so long for the water temperature to raise after that tundra we had last year.

TransCanada is very busy serving eminent domain papers to many households in Nebraska. They are in the planned route of the Keystone Pipeline. It must be nice getting kicked in the teeth by a foreign country and your own country won't lift a hand to help you. Oh well, you get what you vote for in Nebraska.

Famed silent film actress Gloria Swanson grew up in Key West for some of her childhood I read today. Apparently her father lived in the Army base and she remember the Conch Republic fondly. She's long forgotten to most people but at one time she was the most famous actress on the planet!

I'm off for Coco's party. I have to bring his dog Chloe back to my place for the night. Apparently one of his friends is afraid of dogs. Happy Birthday Cole, I couldn't have hand picked a better son!


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