Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trickle Down Doesn't Work

I'm so tired of this trickle down argument that I'll show you just two examples announced today that it doesn't. EBAY just announced that profits are up 10%. They also announced they are laying off 7% of their workforce. Same with American Express, profits up 11%. laying off 7%. It is voodoo economics and it's why wages remain stagnant. Theoretically, I can understand why a lot of people think giving corporate welfare to all these businesses and lower taxes would boost the economy. But the top guys keep giving themselves mega bonuses and stock options at the expense of the working man doing the work. It's called GREED and that's why it doesn't work!

The St. Marcus 6th grade basketball team won another game to go 3-0 for the season. They are 15-0 lifetime, they've never been beat.

A lot of people want the Keystone pipeline because it provides a very short burst of jobs. But why are Republicans voting against the USA getting any of the oil or requiring them to use American made steel? Oh that's right, they've already been bought and paid for.

My new Schlitz glass came. It isn't quite the same size as the one Krissy broke but a lovely gesture. It's going to hit 41degrees on saturday and the next week looks great. The next 5 weeks is the last tough part of winter. I can almost smell spring!

A Fine Pair

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