Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ice Skating Time

It's warming up but I'll never go ice skating. I can barely rollerblade and I'm tired of falling. Skating is just not my sport but Coco is pretty decent at it. He's going tomorrow with his teacher for doing well at school. They are going to the Pettit Center where a lot of Olympians train.

Key West is having their annual half marathon and 5k this weekend the 18th. Wish I was there for that race.

Still no Bears coach yet. They are interviewing former Bronco coach John Fox this week but I think they will go for someone else.

Some things never change. Mike Huckabee is getting set to run for President and the very first thing he does is attack the Obama daughters for listening to Beyonce. Yep, let's attack some young kids Mike. You're just a tired old southern man who's ready for the pasture. The world changed for the better and left you behind to become a bitter person.

I read a sad story of a 12 year old British boy who contracted meningitis and went into a vegetative state for another 12 years. After 2 years he was fully aware of everything around him but couldn't communicate so nobody ever knew. He's 39 now and living a good life. I can't think of anyone more deserving.


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