Thursday, January 8, 2015

Schlitz And Snow

Or did the snow come first? Another rough day with the car not starting again despite a brand new battery. Something seems to be draining it and the minus 20 wind chill factor seems happy to help it along.

A big thanks to Coco's principal for coming and picking him up for school. They might have been the only school open today and most have already phoned it in for tomorrow. Tonight's basketball game was already rescheduled but so far we still have one tomorrow.

The Bears hired Ryan Pace from the New Orleans Saints organization to be their General Manager. He'll be the youngest GM in the NFL and I have absolutely no idea if he will be any good. So comforting!

Happy Birthday Elvis. You're still the King 38 years after your untimely death! An undisputable fact that I'll argue until I'm out of breath.

I waited downtown for Krissy to pick me up. At the Swinging Door Saloon which is one of our winter hangouts. It's old school about 100 years old. The Schlitz was cold as I waited out the traffic on the sloppy roads. The snow is steady and not a plow or salt truck in site. Always good to end the day better than the way it started!


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