Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Spirit Of St.Louis

Another warm mid-january day barely missing 40 degrees. I stopped at the Swinging Door for one while waiting for Krissy. Then, we had dinner at Jack's Pub. You get a free pizza with a pitcher purchase and it's pretty good pizza.

We're home now feeling a bit tired. I took a look at the Oscar nominations. I haven't seen most of the movies except for the Grand Budapest Hotel which I liked a lot. Hopefully I'll do some catching up. The Oscar's happen to be on my birthday this year. I don't recall that ever happening in my lifetime.

The Spirit of St. Louis has been brought down from the rafters of the Smithsonian for the first time in 22 years. They are doing some maintenance on the fabric that covers the plane which is the material they used in those days.

Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic Ocean in that small plane carrying 451 gallons of fuel. Most of it was positioned in the nose so he used side mirrors and a periscope to see ahead of him. It had to be a very scary flight back in 1927.

Lindbergh flew the plane on a victory tour thru the United States and Central America before donating the plane to the Smithsonian in 1928. It's on my bucket list to see it. Several years before this Lindbergh crashed a mail plane in central Illinois not far from my grandparent's farm. He parachuted to safety after he bailed out but the plane went into a spiral and almost hit him before it crashed. Lucky Lindy indeed!


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