Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hound Dog For Sale

Snow finally arrived today making it a normal January. It's only an inch of snow but we could get some more tomorrow before the temps drop!

Coco is over today and looking a lot better. We've all been sick on and off for the past two weeks and it's getting old. He goes back to school monday.

Donna Douglas who played Elly May Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillies passed away this week. It's hard to believe that the show lasted 9 full seasons. The CBS executive who greenlighted the show only saw the first episode. He disliked the show that much but it had good ratings so he gave the people what they wanted.

Playoff football on television today but I didn't watch any of it. I don't really care for most of the teams and I'm actually more concerned who will be the next Bears coach. If they get this one wrong again we could be like the Raiders.

The Hound Dog II and the Lisa Marie will be going up for auction very soon. They were two of Elvis Presley's airplanes. I've been in both of them when I did a Graceland tour. A private party actually owns the planes which aren't serviceable. They are expected to fetch between 10-15 million bucks. I wouldn't be surprised if they go for a bit more. Everybody still loves the King!


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