Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Billionaire Breaks

Wisconsin announces that they are cutting the UWM education system 13% or about 300 million bucks. Then, the very next day they find some non-existent cash to chip in 200 million to help out the new Milwaukee Bucks owners build a stadium. No wonder they remain billionaires, once you get that rich every clown governor in the land won't let you spend a dime. What a mixed up priority! Governor's might as well replace those nifty flag lapels with a I'm for Sale" button. Don't worry though, you keep fooling 50% of the people so to hell with the middle class.

They say it will come from tax revenue of the NBA players. They already pay those taxes and have been for years. What a total lie with this shell game. Crooks!

Russia had a credit downgrade today to the "junk" level. Between sanctions, oil prices declining and the ruble jumping off the cliff it's the worst economic outlook for them since 2004. 

St. Marcus 6th graders improved their record to 4-0 this season. Since they started playing organized ball last year they are 16-0 lifetime.

I finished season 1 of Sons of Anarchy. Only season 2-4 to go. It's interesting to see the characters from the very beginning after I watched the last 3 seasons. Thirty nine more episodes and I'm done!


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