Friday, January 30, 2015

The Koala Bear Healed

Last month a koala bear was rescued in Australia with some burned paws but he's been released fully healed. I had an opportunity down under to pet a koala bear. It was about as close to a stuffed bear as one could be while being alive. It just stared straight ahead without being fazed by anything. Quite different than most animals.

We went grocery shopping this afternoon. For the second week in a row some great meat sales. Not sure if it has anything to do with less expensive  transportation  costs or not. We went thru another one of those stupid self serve scanners. It takes longer because you have to keep calling someone over to fix it. I'm done with those things. Nothing but real workers from now on!

Hall of Fame Chicago Blackhawk Stan Mikita has been diagnosed with dementia. A true Chicago legend who has been a great Ambassador for hockey!

Coco's 24 hour birthday celebration is still going strong. They boys will be going home shortly but some pics are at the bottom. 

Mitt Romney called a press conference today to announce that he wasn't running for President. I'm thinking about following suit. Seriously, why the need for a press conference? A wise decision though. At best he could only get 53% of the vote and that wasn't going to happen!

The B-Day Crew

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He Was Afraid Of The Dog
Popcorn and Candy Bar

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