Monday, January 19, 2015

Quantum Key West 2015

If it gets much warmer they can move the Key West sailboat races up to Lake Michigan. That might be a slight exaggeration but I can get used to the 40 degree january temps quite easily.

It's a big time in Key West right now with 115 sailboats racing in 10 classes. It's the 28th annual event at my favorite place in the whole world.

Happy MLK day to everyone. It seemed like an extremely quiet day today for some reason. I ran into many a Packer fan still extremely upset over yesterday's loss. Making it to the NFL Championship game is a nice achievement but one does get a feeling that Aaron Rodger's prime career years are being a bit wasted.

Lucy the neighbors dog has a bandaged foot and has it wrapped. The snow salt is terrible on a dog's paw to start with.

Krissy is making some awesome chicken legs as a light snow starts to fall. I think we'll hang inside tonight and watch some Sons of Anarchy reruns from the first 4 seasons. I'm down to 49 to go!

Lucy Bandaged Up

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