Sunday, April 17, 2016

AC/DC Has A New Singer

Axl Rose will be joining AC/DC as their new lead singer for their tour this year. He is also staying with the Guns N Roses tour so he will be one busy singer this year. Krissy won a free trip via a radio station to see AC/DC in Brazil when she was a teenager. She's also making her famous chicken as I write!

The Cubs were a shutout today which won't happen very often this year. The good news is the Hawks are up 2-1 over the Blues so I'm hoping they hang on.

Grocery shopping today and we need a new store. It's poorly managed. They have coupons for items which are higher than normal prices for some reason and today we had to leave the store and go back into the lot to find a shopping cart. They can't do anything right it seems on a continual basis and I'm easy going with this kind of stuff.

Coco has soccer tonight and anxious to see him stepping up his game with his new soccer clinic experience.

A great white shark was spotted in the Upper Keys which is rare. A boat captain jumped overboard and filmed the 12 footer just swimming around. Rumor has it that he won't bother any human attorneys. Professional courtesy!


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