Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Guitar Time

It was a pretty good day for my son. At track practice on a cold and windy day he ran a very good mile time. Followed by an excellent couple of guitar songs at his recital. He certainly looks the part of a musician. Carries his guitar case cool and looks like a natural performer. He's had a bit of Hollywood in him since the day he was born!

A good day so far for Chicago sports as the Cubs are up and the Hawks are tied. Keeping my fingers crossed as both still could go south.

The self proclaimed Tiger Whisperer apparently was mauled to death by a tiger. Sometimes self promotion can backfire I guess.

Speaking of self promoters Trump won the New York primary big time and will go on to be the nominee I believe. How come he couldn't take an interest in tigers? Kidding, save the nasty emails please!


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