Monday, April 11, 2016

Jim Harrison A Legendary Writer

I must have been short on sleep a couple weeks ago as I missed the passing of legendary writer Jim Harrison. He wrote Legends of the Fall which is a great novella and one of my top five favorite movies starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins. By all accounts he fashioned himself as a poet first and was part of the big 70's movement in Key West where he hung out with Mr. Jimmy Buffett, Tom Corcoran, Thomas McGuane and Hunter S. Thompson. Those 5 guys took the island by storm and never looked back to having great writing careers. He will be missed.

Apparently democracy has died for the Colorado GOP. Whether it was a truly a money shortage or some other reason the they only had a state GOP convention where a small minority of people voted for delegates not candidates. Not surprising that the Canadian Theodore Cruz won every single delegate. I'm no Trump fan as we all know but it sure lends some credence that it's a rigged process!

Speaking of Trump, 2 of his kids can't even vote for him in the New York Primary next week. It seems they missed the deadline to vote and they had almost a year I heard. That just tells me that none of them were Republicans to start with. Or, they are just as dumb as the Palin clan.

It's the Cubs home opener tonight. Baseball is back at the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field!


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