Thursday, April 28, 2016

Conch Republic Days

It's Conch Republic Days in Key West. Krissy and I have been to it twice and had a wonderful time. They are having the world's largest parade. It only travels a little over a mile but it is from coast to coast. That is the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. They meet at the Southernmost Point. I have a picture somewhere of myself straddling the two bodies of water.

It's another cold and rainy day in Milwaukee with a high of 43 degrees. Anytime now Mr. Sun, anytime now!

A big welcome to Latvia as they become the 42nd country to visit my blog. Thank you so much.

The first round of the NFL draft is complete and it resumes tomorrow. I fixed a big batch of garlic wings with a bit of red wine to watch it. The Bears selected leonard Floyd a fast looking linebacker from Georgia. I'm not sure on this one. But, that is the exact same thing I said the last time the Bears selected a linebacker in the first round. His name was Brian Urlacher and that turned out quite well so I'm hoping history repeats itself!


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