Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Milwaukee Extremes

What a strange 24 hours. Yesterday we woke up to two inches of snow which has disappeared today thanks to hitting the 70 degree mark. The high for tomorrow is only 32 degrees. It's a roller coaster out there and tomorrow is opening day. Krissy is going. I'm a Cubs fan so I'm indifferent to the Brewers. The Cubs open up against the Angels in Anaheim I believe.

My sister Mary, Steve and niece Sarah stopped by on their way back to Illinois this afternoon dropping off Girl Scout cookies in the process.

Coco's team won their soccer game tonight by a 6-3 score. They played well.

Trump is in town for Tuesday's primary election. There is police everywhere throughout the city like I haven't seen in quite some time. He ate breakfast at Miss Katie's Diner. The family who owns it runs a restaurant just down the street from us and lives just around the corner from us. It's the same place that Clinton and Gorbachev ate lunch at back in the 90's.

Can't wait for baseball tomorrow. Play ball!


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