Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Remembering Milt Pappas

I once waited in line at a car dealership to meet Milt Pappas and Ernie Banks. Eight years later I would see him often as both of his kids, Steve and Michelle went to North Central College which is where I attended. Their mother tragically disappeared my sophomore year and was found five years later a victim of a tragic accident. Steve lived on my dorm floor and Michelle was in my class and someone I talked to for a bit most days. I just learned reading Milt's obituary that Michelle passed away last October. She was such a nice person.

Milt was a helluva pitcher winning 209 games and pitching a no-hitter that should have been a perfect game in my opinion.  I was watching it live on WGN and the count to Larry Stahl on the 27 batter was 3-2 and the umpire called the last pitch a ball ruining a perfect game. Milt only pitched 11 innings of minor league ball before coming up to the big leagues at the age of 18. He gave us Cub fans some great memories and he will be missed.

There's a new show debuting on the Smithsonian Channel called the Sports Detectives. They track down missing sports items like Ali's Olympic gold medal and the 1980 USA flag from the gold medal winning hockey team. It sounds extremely interesting!


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