Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kobe's Last Game

I've never been a huge Kobe fan simply because I've been the ultimate Michael Jordan fan since he was a freshman at North Carolina. Simply for me M.J was the best there ever was and the best there ever will be. I could go on and on about Jordan but I won't simply because it's Kobe's night and I respected the way he played the game. Ultra competitive and being the second best player ever isn't so bad in my book Kobe and you are a legend!

The Cubs are up big in the 6th inning so I will go to bed early as I'm tired instead of following the final pitch. These guys are a great team so far!

I'm starting to think Trump isn't nearly as smart as people have been lead to believe. In fact, I'm starting to think he's a fraud like Madoff. None of his policies are workable and today he addressed an audience in Pennsylvania and called for bringing back famed Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. My god man, do some research you dumb ass. Paterno has been dead since 2012!


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