Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Nomad

On this cold and windy day I managed to catch a little soccer with my buddy Derek at the Nomad. It's always been one of my favorite bars and it's filled for every big soccer game. We'll be back next Tuesday!

Ted Cruz made his V.P today despite the fact that he has no chance of winning. It's grandstanding at its finest. That man thinks of absolutely nobody but himself, so sad.

Bad weather in Chicago caused the Cubs game to be cancelled. To bad as Jake Arrieta was starting for the Cubs.

The NFL Draft in Chicago is tomorrow night. Krissy bought me wings and chips and dip. What a girl. I'll just be sitting in front of my couch watching it like the good ole days! I'm predicting that Myles Jack or Lawson from Clemson is their pick if they don't trade down.
Best wishes and proud thoughts to all my friends and classmates from Yorkville, Il. Our hometown can not be tarnished with recent events. If someone gives you a hard time just do what we always did. Knock them on their ass!


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