Friday, April 8, 2016

Schwarber Goes Down

Cubs left fielder Kyle Schwarber is out  for the season after tearing his ACL. We were at spring training last month and Coco got his autograph on what was his 23rd birthday. What a crying shame but this team is so deep that it's next man up.

It's been snowing in Milwaukee on and off all day with a winter storm warning. This is crazy. How can February and March be warmer than April. 

I had to deal with AT&T the last two days and it's driving me nuts. I sent a long email to their customer care email address expressing my frustration that I they make it so hard to find a human being to deal with. My email was returned today saying that email address is no longer being viewed by people and that I should check their website to see if I can basically help myself to solve my problem via automation. I dug up the CEO email address and forwarded it to him and rested my case!

I finally tracked down the old school urinal from the Curve bar after it was torn down. It's a rather famous urinal that is well over a  hundred years old and has been written about in Milwaukee Magazine. It's about 4 feet high and 2 feet wide. It's been called the can't misser. Anyway, it's at the Lakefront Brewery. As you recall in an old blog I was trying to figure out a way that I could get it. It seems two people were allowed to go salvage it. It took a large hammer to break it loose from 5 inches of stucco flooring. When they lifted it up to cut the piping they found no piping. All these years it drained straight into the ground below and this was the reason that the building was sagging so bad in the middle.

Sorry for all the toilet talk today but AT&T has the effect on people!


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