Sunday, April 24, 2016

Soccer and Bel Air

It was almost too busy of a weekend for me and nothing much was accomplished. Coco had soccer all three days including his clinic on Saturday. We hit Bel Air for lunch after that and had great tacos.

Sunday night was his game which they lost. He played well but went down going for a ball and had his hand stepped on. He actually had a cleat indentation in the palm of his hand. It was the last game of the indoor season and it sure was a rough and tumble league as the refs let them play!

The Hawks won making it a big game 7 tomorrow night. You gotta believe!

The Cubs played brilliant again and have the league's best record.

The solar powered plane finally made it round trip around the world. It has wider wings than a Boeing 747 and 17,000 solar cells in the wings. Totally amazing and the technology will refine that in the future. And yet, some people will cling onto 13th technology like coal until their last dying breath!

Have a great week!


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