Saturday, April 2, 2016

Keystock Music Festival

Huey Lewis and the News is the featured act at the KeyStock Music Festival today. He was the opener and the past Jimmy Buffett tour and I saw him last year and he's quite good!

Last night was a fun but low key night at the Roman Coin. It was pretty packed. We went home after midnight and it was dry outside. This morning we woke up to two inches of wet snow. Most of it has melted already but April snow is a bad joke around here even for those who like the snow.

I've been watching some Johnny Carson re-run shows on Antenna TV lately. Nobody even comes close to Carson.

I fell for a April Fools Day joke but it was March 31st so I thought it was real that Trader Joe's was closing all their stores. It's bad enough that I have Dry Paint signs on our front door from Krissy.

There's a petition that's been signed by over 50,000 people to have guns allowed inside the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this year. I've always thought it was strange that NRA and GOP sponsored events never allow anybody to bring guns to their events when they want them everywhere else. I think guns there might be a brilliant idea and that's no joke!


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