Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Junk Police

Lost in the North Carolina uproar of their recently signed law was two things. It denied people the right to file suit in court over discrimination. I thought this was what the court system was about. File suit and let a jury of your peers decide. Taking away rights seems to be the way local and state governments do things these days.

The second thing I didn't understand was why write an unenforceable law to start with? Quit finding solutions looking for a problem. Were they contemplating hiring a police force to go into bathrooms to do junk inspections? Because that's the only way this was going to work! Was there even a single complaint filed about this? 

How about worrying about jobs and education. Where's the uproar on Wisconsin, Kentucky and Illinois drastically cutting education funding and increasing class size?

Anyway, the Cubs are off today and we hit a high of 40 degrees today. Not a lot of Tuesday joy and my knees are killing me from track practice every morning with the track team. But I'll still get up tomorrow and expect a great day!


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