Friday, April 29, 2016

Walt Disney

I was reading about Walt Disney today and never knew that he as nominated for 59 Academy Awards and won 22 of them. There's also a long lasting rumor that his body was frozen after his death but that isn't true. In fact, we just saw his grave at Forest Lawn in January and he's just a few feet away from Spencer Tracy.

Another cold and dreary day which is the forecast for tomorrow also. Coco has a race in the morning and a professional soccer game to watch in the afternoon before his dance tomorrow night!

The Benghazi Committee is now trying to trace down Facebook posts about the embassy attack which people in Iowa posted. Really? What a farce this has become.

The Cubs won again after trailing most of the game. What a team!
The NFL Draft continues and a lot of great coverage for the football fans.

Today we went shopping. I bought underwear, shorts and flip flops. Apparently wishful thinking isn't free!


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