Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wisconsin Election Day

It's been a pretty good turnout for the Wisconsin election so far. Krissy and I waited about a half hour. Hopefully college students will bring two forms of identification because their state issued college identification card by itself is not sufficient. Either the state itself thinks it's incompetent when issuing these identification cards or the Walker administration just wants to make it harder for college students to vote. These students will never forget this blatant discrimination in my opinion.

Krissy made it on the channel 6 news website from a tailgating photo. She's wearing a winter coat with the hood up looking very cold. The winning 50/50 raffle ticket took home over 40 grand yesterday and Krissy never checked her tickets on the way out. She did not win as I just checked.

Congrats to Villanova on winning the men's NCAA basketball championship.

I stayed up late watching the Cubs game last night and they won 9-0. They looked in mid-season form. It's going to be a wild ride. Both baseball season and the election results tonight!


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