Monday, April 25, 2016

Tough Loss Hawks

I won't be able to sleep tonight after watching the Hawks lose to the Blues in the 7th game of the first round. They've won 3 Stanley Cups in the last 6 years but it's been tough for anyone in hockey to win back to back Cups as it hasn't been done since 1998.

I'm amazed yet again at how hard these hockey guys beat each other up but at the end of the series they line up in a perfect line and shake every single opposing player's hand and say something.

I guess it goes back to protocol and the fact that it's a tight knit community that plays against each other since childhood. Even the bad blood on the ice seems to completely vanish at the end of a series no matter the outcome.

Oh well, it was another great season. Things didn't seem quite right at the end of the regular season and that seemed to carry over into the playoffs. Still a younger team with a lot of talent.

They shall be back!


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