Thursday, April 14, 2016

Taste Of Key West

It's the Taste of Key West this week on the 18th. It's all happening on the Truman Waterfront Pier. It's truly a great restaurant city! From Blue Heaven to Pepe's and everything in between they feed you darn good!!

It's two weeks until the NFL Draft. More instant millionaires on the way! The Chicago Bears pick 11th.

My Cubs are winning 3-0 late in the game tonight. If they hold on this will be their best start since 1969.

I took the car in for an oil change and some filter changes. Yep, one of those boring days that we all have time to time.

I've been playing phone tag with AT&T all week regarding my email complaint to the CEO. I initially sent in to their customer care email saying it's so hard to contact a person to discuss issues with. The email came back suggesting I use an automated system which is why I sent it to the CEO. It seems like they have exactly one person to handle situations like this and he's very hard to get ahold of. I rest my case!


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