Saturday, April 16, 2016

Two Dinners Milwaukee Style

Someone asked me today why Krissy and I were going out today in the mid-afternoon. Easy, it's not snowing and we hit about 60 degrees.

In a rather uneventful day we started off with a shower beer at home then headed to the Roman Coin. They have brand new 50th anniversary t-shirts so I bought one. One bar in the same family for 50 years and you can bring your dog in anytime! It's truly an Eastside gem.

Then we headed to Points East and had fabulous wings and fries. Truly a great place to eat. Dukes on Water Street was our next stop. Hard to beat their happy hour specials and it was crowded with the Marquette Seniors Pub Crawl. A lot of nice young kids but the UWM crowd seems to handle their liquor quite a bit better.

After Dukes we headed to Vagabonds and had some excellent Mexican food. So, the walk home seemed ripe for a stop at the Y-Not which is always an interesting crowd. So, now we're tired and full and it's time to go home but we stopped at Hosed on Brady for a final nightcap because we can and it's only a mere 100 yards from our house.

An excellent Eastside of Milwaukee time in our great neighborhood!


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