Saturday, April 9, 2016

Krissy's Chicken

I had the world's best chicken today and Krissy made it. It was truly fabulous. She seared it in the cast iron pan and then baked it for a while with some kind of sauce. Out of this world!

Coco is battling a sore throat and ear again. It looks like he will be able to play soccer tomorrow night though.

A high of 31 degrees today. This is really getting old and some of the snow is still around.

A good time last night at the Roman Coin. Truly an old school joint. Our favorite seafood place, Bosley's on Brady is being sold and has new owners effective May 1st. The owner is retiring but it looks like the staff and everything will remain the same. No need to mess with perfection.

The Cubs won again pushing their record to 4-1. Let's keep on rolling like this for the next 6 months!


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