Wednesday, August 27, 2014

5th Annual Key West Brewfest

It turned out to be a mild 70ish degree day with a good amount of sunshine. Coco has an early dismissal on wednesday's so we went for a decent run.

Getting ready to grill out a giant center cut pork loin. Going to try this rub that we found on the internet and made. Wish me luck.

I'm making decent progress on my book. Almost 14,000 words now and I'm shooting for 80,000. Revisions and rewrites after that. No strict timeline though for a finished product.

Still no Labor Day plans. Weather looks mediocre at best.

A 9 year old girl accidentally killed her shooting instructor with an Uzi machine gun. The recoil swung the gun to the left and he was shot in the head. I'm not sure why he wasn't more careful or why she was shooting an Uzi. My son is 10 years old and I barely let that knucklehead use a steak knife. I certainly wouldn't give him the keys to my car neither. It's like the little girl who crashed a plane several years ago. She couldn't even reach the pedals. There's usually a good reason people aren't qualified or old enough to do certain things. Geez!

Mark David Chapman told his parole board that he was sorry for being an idiot the night he shot John Lennon. Well then, I guess we're all good. Not!

The 5th annual Key West Brewfest starts tomorrow and runs thru Labor Day. For those of us that love Microbrews this is just another reason to visit the southernmost point!


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