Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Esquire Channel

I'm not sure how long the Esquire Channel has been around but it does have some very original programming. This morning I spent a couple hours watching 'Running of the Bulls 2014' from Pamplona, Spain. It's actually covered just like a football game. Instant replay and interviews with two co-hosts. It's been my lifelong dream to run that 902 yard path thru the streets that Ernest Hemingway made so famous in his legendary book "The Sun Also Rises."

We just hung around the backyard last night grilling out and chilling. At night with the solar lights and hanging lanterns it's truly a cool looking backyard. We aren't done Key Westing it up yet!

Tom Petty has a new album coming out. I'll always call them albums forever and this new release is " Hypnotic Eye." So far the critics are giving it a good early review. I've never had the chance to see him in concert yet but next time he plays Summerfest I'll pay for some good tickets.

Congrats to RFK Jr. on his wedding yesterday. I met him at Marquette University in 2004 for a book signing and he was a very intelligent and nice guy to speak with.

We're off to the Iron Horse to watch the Whiskey Belles with John and Angela. It's only a 30% chance of rain this afternoon so I'm sure we're doomed!


A nice summer night on the deck

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